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Blessing Ceremonies

There are many powerful blessing ceremonies (also called Chi adjustments), for changing the chi (or Energy) of your home, property, & life. Regular Feng Shui cures may powerfully impact one or two areas of your experience, whereas blessing ceremonies can simultaneously improve all areas of your life & environment. These ceremonies have the power to shift the energy patterns of an entire environment at once. They work holistically to provide powerful comprehensive benefits in many areas of your life & often evoke unexpected positive life changes. Remember to always perform these ceremonies with an attitude of reverence, sincerity, compassion, & with the best intentions in mind for all of the people that will be affected by this ceremony.



Effects of Feng Shui Blessing Ceremonies


Inviting blessing, prosperity, & good fortune


  • Blessing a home site upon moving in
Blessing the grand opening of a business
Clearing negative predecessor energy
Changing your luck from bad to good
Improving your energy after an accident or unexpected negative event
Removing the chi associated with sickness or death




Reasons For Employing Feng Shui Ceremonies


  • Changing The Energy Of Multiple Feng Shui Problems:

    Suppose you have many Feng Shui problem areas, are overwhelmed & not able to correct all of them. A Blessing ceremony can help move the energy throughout your space & bring a powerful change & healing through your home or office.


    Solving a Specific Feng Shui Problem:

    Let's suppose you have a specific Feng Shui problem that you don't know the cure to or can't afford to implement the optimal solution. A blessing ceremony is an effective solution that can remove some negative influences, compensate for other influences, & increase overall the positive energies of the site.


    Setting the Tone in a New Residence or Office:  

    The crucial move - in time is a prime window of opportunity for improving the energy of a site. Performing a ceremony to remove inauspicious energies before you move in to your new residence is the best way to set in motion positive energy in your new home office or business location


    Alleviating a General Feel of Negativity & Depression in the House:

    Sometimes a home has an overall feeling of doom & gloom. Perhaps you've implemented a few cures & still the energy still doesn't feel the way you know it could. In such cases a blessing ceremony can help change the quality of the entire home's energy.


 Various Blessings We Perform



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