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Everything we do in life requires intentions...a combination of will, motivation & desire. In Feng Shui intention is the starting point & a key role in magnifying the energy of the cures to manifest your desires with the maximum result.    



      There are three main ingredients of intention:


      1.   Knowing exactly what you want.

      2.   Visualizing & feeling the desired result before it happens.

      3.   Expecting the results to happen


Knowing what you want is the single most important part of intention. Your intention is most effective when you desire with great intensity. The more passion you put into your goal, the more energy your intention has, & the more effective your cure can be! It is recommended to write your intentions before you start. Not only what you want, but why you want it & how intently you want it.


Visualizing the intention is huge when it comes to manifesting your desire. The clarity of your visualization makes your goal more likely to happen as you foresee it. Your endeavors to make your internal pictures so vivid that you can actually feel, emotionally & physically, how wonderful your new life can be when the result is attained will make it substantially more effective.


The human brain & imagination are the most powerful tools in the universe. Expecting the results to happen is the final step in proceeding with confidence that your cures are effective as soon as you apply them & to act with certainty that they have!

Align your actions, thoughts, attitudes & words to the new life you've created & watch your life change come into being.





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