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Clutter and Space Cleansing













Clutter & Space Cleansing

To implement Feng Shui effectively you must first start by clearing clutter & cleansing your space. Your dreams & goals will manifest much faster if you start with a clean slate. Generally, there are four types of clutter that hold you back from moving forward in your personal & professional life . They are Common, Symbolic, Energy, & Mental-Emotional. Clutter affects your life as it keeps you in the past & pulls your energy down. Without the personal investment in your items, your Feng Shui consultant can bring a fresh pair of eyes to help you make decisions on what to let go of.



Space Cleansing

Space cleansing is the practice of cleansing your energy environment. After you have cleared the clutter & physically cleansed your space you must remove the energy debris that has built up over time. The focus is to bring positive, healthy, & vibrant loving energy in to your space. Space cleansing can also be applied to specific objects such as antiques. Often you may not know specifically where the antique previously resided & since objects are often impregnated with the energy of each owner & all that transpired around them you could be affected without knowing it.



When to Space Cleanse

After you remove clutter

After an argument

When you move into a new space

When a roommate or companion moves out

After an illness or death

When you buy an antique or second hand item

Anytime when you desire fresh energy for a new project

Always before implementing Feng Shui








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